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Consulting: Learning Happens from the Inside Out

The Fine Family
The Fine Family

Individuals and Families

I can help you get in touch wish what is happening with your child (and yourself!) on the inside, so that the abundance you share can spill out all over your world. You will discover that every window is a door - and that almost always you are well-equipped to jimmy it open!

I have spoken with literally thousands of homeschoolers and their families over the past decade, so I have a living library of expert experience to draw upon.

I can provide consulting services (either over the phone or in person) to individuals and families. My consulting clients often discuss:

  • Six- and seven-year-olds
  • Finding mentoring opportunities for early teens
  • Unschooling gifted education
  • College preparation and admissions
  • Travel
  • Turning your community into a learning library
  • Overcoming the inner and outer barriers to real learning

I try to keep my fees reasonable - I don't do this for a living - and I am committed to finding a way to make this work for you.

"Our family chose homeschooling from the conception of our son Kessem, who is now nine. In 2004 we found And The Skylark Sings With Me. I got in touch with David and we began weekly counseling sessions. My wife and I especially appreciated how he reinforced our commitment and assured us we were on the right track. It was hard sometimes, faced with the pressures of the conventional parents around us. David reassured us that we didn't have to compare, or worry about particular developmental markers. With his help, we gained in confidence, and it all worked out just as he said it would. We will always be grateful to him."
- Dr. Jeffrey and Dalit Fine
Miami, Florida
"We contacted David for guidance in unschooling our two daughters, seven and two years old. David was gracious, helpful, fun, and reassuring. He helped us create a plan to get us through a tough time and helped us feel better about our choices. This has translated to more confidence and a resurrection of the joy homeschooling brings all of us, growing and learning together. Isn't that what it's all about?"
- Deardra Larson-Maynard
Davis, California

Foundations, Groups, Schools, and Institutions of Higher Learning

I can help you think out-of-the-box to create dynamic, experiential, non-classroom experiences for children, and to explore the possibilities of community-based education and mentoring.

I have also consulted with colleges on issues related to admissions of homeschoolers.

Contact me at (360) 352-0506 or e-mail and we can discuss your needs.