September 9th Rally 10th September 2002

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you my happiness that I have enjoyed on 9th September. We feel 9th September is an eventful day for LAFTI. The people showed their high spirit participating in thousands in the big rally. What a surprise? Every individual was prepared to sacrifice and fight the injustice non-violently. Their whole aim is to get social justice unfortunately, there is no freedom to the common man.

The whole crowd of 10,000 people expressed their solidarity in fighting against the injustice done to them. The rich with the help of the Government officials are destroying the whole nature, which is meant for the public. In the name of getting dollars to the country they are destroying the ancient natural defense wall, the mangrove forest in Muthupettai, lagoon area (the natural wealth is common to all).

The people are very much convinced they should come forward and fight non-violently and protect the mangrove forest. The whole crowd felt that the destruction of forest means inviting the cyclone to their villages. They experienced heavy damage to the harvesting crops in January 2002 due to the prawn farms around the lagoon where about 13 river are confluencing and the water freely enter into the sea. The prawn farms are the blockade preventing the tidal river water to the sea.

So the water changes its course, started to flow towards the rice fields. The people are helpless. With the high hopes and faith in LAFTI?s work, the people urging LAFTI to lead and guide them to fight against injustice done by the rich people. Hope you understand this problem. At the end of rally to the Collector?s office the people have taken a strong decision to continue the struggle.

With love and kind regards,

Krishnammal Jagannathan


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