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Having Me Come Speak

I have addressed gatherings of homeschoolers (both religious and secular) in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Utah, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Manitoba, British Columbia, and India, and I am looking forward to putting more pins in the map - and meeting you!

Folks seem to like me:

"For those of you who have scheduled David Albert to speak, and are eagerly awaiting it, you will NOT be disappointed! So funny, so enlightening, and so worth hearing! I think we had a room full of mostly new homeschoolers who were looking for the practical stuff, but David brings a REASON why we homeschool, thoughts that tickle your intellect and warm you heart. YOU'LL LOVE HIM!"

- Sherry Stacy
Olympia (Washington) Christian Homeschooling Support Group

"I think that one of David's strengths is his ability to tell wonderful stories!…He showed the weaknesses of public schools through his own experiences, poking fun at a system which has all children at a certain grade build igloos out of sugar cubes….David comes across as very human - a regular homeschooling parent who has made right choices as well as decisions which have failed. He points out that we all have special stories we could tell; maybe we are not as aware of what our own stories show as we should be. I think what David has done is really examine his own experiences with homeschooling, coming up with helpful ideas about how real learning occurs."

- Karen Guenther
Greater Portland Area Homeschooler

"Your talk was GREAT! There's nothing that tickles me so much as feeling my brain cracking open a little to accommodate a new and original perspective. Your talk was full of these. Thanks for a lively evening and all of the food for thought."

- Ann Bagala
Maine Home Education Association

"If you've been charged with the task of securing an outstanding speaker for your group's homeschooling conference, put in a call to David Albert. David gave the keynote address at the Annual Conference of the Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance. He was not only witty and entertaining, but he also engaged his audience on a deep and meaningful level. David is a consummate storyteller, who artfully wove themes that calmed the nervous newbies while offering inspiration for us 'old-timers'. On top of his speaking skills, David is just a friendly, down-to-earth guy who will give his all for you. From the moment I picked him up at the airport to the time of his departure, he put everyone in our group at ease. In fact, David had no sooner left Minnesota than we were plotting ways to get him back again!"

- Ken Pearson
Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance

I promise FUN! Whether you actually learn anything is (I have learned through time) almost entirely up to you!

Click here for a list and description of topics I can cover.

Contact me at (360) 352-0506 or e-mail and we can kibbitz. Click here for my "Musings on Care and Feeding".