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  • Distinguished Visitors - Guess who's coming to breakfast…and lunch and dinner…and staying the night!

  • Dear Mom - Can you remember what it was like to be five? One of the best ways to get to know your child is to reconnect with the child inside you.

  • Walking - I may be only a "B" walker, but perhaps I've compensated by coming up with "Not-(Yet)-So-Fat Albert's Five-Step Homeschooling Recipe for Learning Success (and Hair Loss Elixir)™".

  • Acts of Enclosure - Has anyone bothered to compare the "marginal educational utility" of the new, local neighborhood school against that of the wooded area cut down to make way for it?

  • Phonics in Utero - I thought I made that up, but I guess I'm just not that original.

  • A Travel Excursion of the Mind - Failing fifth-grade math? Give 'em seventh-grade math! (DO try this at home.)

  • A Tether Between Our Teeth - Unbound from the factory mentality that public education has come to embody, our children and, if we can gather up the courage, we ourselves, are ready to joyously swing out over the circus ring of this strange and wondrous world.

  • Matzoh Ball Math and More - Are you of the 'sinker' or 'floater' persuasion? Make sure to make enough extra to eat!

  • Home Alone, Home Together - I always hoped to raise world citizens, so I can't complain when they're not home. Or perhaps more correctly, I've come to recognize that home has now become a bigger place.

  • Simon Sez - Let's not dress it up: doing things which are just plain dumb because you are ordered to "builds character" and "prepares you for life."

  • Windstorm - Necessitas, Virtus, and Sapientia, and the ceaseless striving associated with the best of human aspirations.

  • Mohammed and Me - "I have a long way to go, and Mohammed and I both understand that in order for our work to bear fruit, the world must cooperate."

  • Goat Sunday - Here, the lion will lie down with the lamb, although it is soon discovered that, when it comes to people, it is not always clear which is lamb and which lion. (also see Good Works)

  • The Education of John Woolman - What does an itinerant 18th Century Quaker orchardist and conscience of his community have to tell us about educating our children (and ourselves) in the 21st Century?

  • Moving Out - Sigh! It’s all good. And a great mystery will unfold as to what they take with them, and what they leave behind.

What Really Matters
(Columns with Joyce Reed -

  • Hyrogrifix - In learning, we meet up with and remake ourselves. We take in from the outside, we reorganize, we test for coherence, for consistency, for agreement with that which we think we already know, and create anew.

  • Parts is Parts - Intelligence Revisited - "The test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do."

  • The Myth of Under(and Over)Achievement - "Each one of you is perfect as you are. And you all could use a little bit of improvement."

  • On Trauma, School Disease, and the Way Forward - What if the childhood equivalent of PTSD is often specifically a consequence of the experience of "education"?


  • Bontshe Shvayg - Something inside me, even at age nine, responded to this tale of thwarted aspirations, and of a man who wasn't allowed to have any, and this tale has stayed with me for almost 50 years.

  • Gaura Devi Saves the Trees - The roots of the trees are like hands. They hold the earth to the side of the mountain. If anyone ever cuts down our brothers and sisters, our village will be washed away."

  • My Chair (New American Family Style) - My old chair was brown in color. Not brown as in chocolate. More like beefstew, in something resembling courderoy.

  • Father Abraham - Father Abraham was getting old, and although he was loathe to admit it to himself, he knew that soon it would be his time. But until then, he still had work to do.

  • Noah's Boat and the Pigeon of Peace - "Hey, if we can manage for forty days and forty nights on this here smelly ark, the rest should be a piece of cake, don't you think?"

Book Introduction

  • The Color of Freedom - Perhaps, just perhaps, free human beings might choose as a goal to encompass larger spheres of conviviality, and reduce those in which human beings and the natural world are bought and sold. (also see "Good Works")